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We're so glad that you have taken this step to teach your children music. It's something that's extremely important to us, and so we appreciate the opportunity to work with you and your families.

Hello everyone, my name is James Franczek and I’m the director for the Burlington In-Home Music Lesson program. I’m here to give you a quick couple of updates. Every once in a while we like to put a little update on video together to keep our families informed and in the know. So, we’ll start off we’d like to welcome two new full-time staff members. We have Malikah who will be working between the Oakville and Georgetown locations, and we have Hannah which will be taking care of our Oakville and our Burlington In-Home Music Lesson program.  We of course have Tanya. She is our current manager and she oversees all of it, and so we’re pretty excited, and a nice big warm welcome to our new members. I’d also like to announce that our schools are now teaching over 600 music students! We love music and we’re thrilled to be able to share that with over 600 students this year. Next on our agenda I’d like to talk about music recitals. We have an online recital coming up on May 12 13th 14th, somewhere around there, It’s that weekend of May 15th weekend. We are doing it virtually this year this time. We had hoped that we’d be able to do a combination of in person and online however we’re just not there yet. So this next recital will be uh virtual. It’s pretty simple, we sent you a link and all you have to do is upload the video of yourself playing the song, and then we’ll put that all together and we’ll premiere it on Youtube on those dates, Performing is extremely important whether it’s virtual, or whether it’s live. The simple act of having to prepare for a recital means you have to work extra hard on your song and when you do that, then you get better. When you present it to the world you get lots of positive feedback and it feels great! It’s essential in really growing as a musician so definitely participate in that. We have a music practice challenge. We have a new program whereas when you practice for 150 days. 150 day practice challenge no matter your instrument piano, guitar, violin, voice, drums, ukulele, all instruments are welcome to join in. It really is about just practicing regularly in 30 minute shots. So you will practice 30 days, not 30 minutes, I’m sorry 30 days and your parents will initial each day, you will get a button. We have different levels, we have 16th note, eighth note, quarter note, half note, and whole note so there’s five levels which equals 150. If you can do the 150 day practice challenge within six months you’ll also get a really cool awards medal and an entry to our draw for seasons tickets to Canada’s Wonderland. I think that just about covers all of our updates for today. Once again I’d like to just quickly say thank you so much for being a part of our organization! We’re so glad that you have taken this step to teach your children music. It’s something that’s extremely important to us, and so we appreciate the opportunity to work with you and your families. Thank you very much!


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