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Choosing the Right Music School for Your Family

So, you kids are begging you for piano or guitar lessons, or perhaps they’re more interested in the violin or ukulele?  Either way it’s time to look into music lessons. As a parent you love your kids more than anything else in this world so naturally you want what’s best for them.

Your music lesson journey will likely begin with a Google search. You type in piano lessons Brampton, or guitar lessons Brampton and see what comes up.  Do you just call the first one on the page?  Many people do just that and hope for the best. While searching for music lessons online is a great place to start it shouldn’t end there. I recommend visiting a few different music school websites to see what they offer for your family in order to help you decide which one is right for you. Here are a few things to look for when choosing the right music school for your family.

1. Do they teach children, or do they focus more on adults?
You should be able to tell from the first page of their website. Are there a lot pictures of adults and teenagers or do you see more of a focus on children?  Brampton School of Music teaches both age groups and because they are private one-on-one lessons we are exceptionally good with both. You will notice however that we have more pictures of children taking lessons than adults. This is because about 85% of our students are between the age of 6 and 18.

2. Do they offer multiple instruments?
This is especially important for many families. If you have more than one child they may not be interested in the same instrument. One child might want to learn the guitar while another is more interested in the violin. Brampton School of Music is a division of the Academy of Music. The Academy has offered piano lessons and guitar lessons, as well as voice, violin, drums, and ukulele since 1994.

3. Do they have programs in place to reward their students?
Many music schools offer a recital or concert every year or the occasional RCM piano exam. While these certainly help it’s not enough. We believe that students need frequent opportunities to succeed in music. That’s why we have a minimum of two performances a year, the Musical Ladder System for setting lesson goals every 3 months, and a really cool practice challenge program designed to motivate them to practice their instrument more often.

There are several other things you should look for when choosing the right music school for your family but these are a good start. The main thing is to do some research on a few academies to see if they fit your family’s interest and lifestyle.

If Brampton School of Music looks like a good choice for your family give us a call, or send us a text, email, or Facebook message. We are happy to tell you more about our music lesson programs.


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