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Giving Your Kids More Opportunities to Succeed in Music Lessons

Do you want your children to love playing music? We do too! So, how do we accomplish this?

The short answer is to give them plenty of opportunities to be successful in their lessons. Although the concept is simple, most music schools drop the ball on this.

It is common for music teachers and academies to have an end of year recital. Recitals are great but they need to be offered more than once a year.  Some music schools have exams every so often which is also fine but not frequent enough.

We believe that children need positive reinforcement more than once every 365 days. There is absolutely nothing wrong with celebrating music lesson success more frequently. Children need to believe deep down inside that they are really progressing in their piano or guitar lessons. They need consistent reminders that they are capable of learning music. They need to know that they are good at it!

Ask yourself this question. What was your favourite subject in elementary school? Where you good at it? Did you understand the subject? Of course you did! One of they keys to getting children (and adults) to love doing something is to make it fun and help them see that they are good at it. We love what we are good at and we are good at what we love. It’s that simple!

This is why our exclusive Musical Ladder System® is so powerful. It helps children set regular (frequent) goals in their music lessons. It allows our music teachers to tailor musical challenges to each student regardless of their instrument and level. It’s as powerful for piano students as it is for guitar students and voice, violin, drums, and ukulele students.

Every 3 months for the first two years our students take a performance challenge in their lessons. When they pass the challenge, they receive coloured wristbands, certificates, and at certain levels they get personalized, engraved trophies. Having these opportunities every three months gives them 4 opportunities every year to experience a “music lesson win”! This is addition to the multiple performances and music recitals available to them each year.  We have seen children begin their lessons shy and tentative and watched them grow into more confident musicians with each Musical Ladder challenge.

Giving your children frequent opportunities to succeed in their music lessons is one of the best ways to keep them engaged and enjoying their progress!

Brampton School of Music is the only music school in Brampton that offers the Musical Ladder System®.

To learn more about music lessons for piano, guitar, voice, violin, drums, or ukulele call Brampton School of Music today. We are happy to send you more info on how we can give your family an amazing lesson experience!


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