Music BlogOn-Line Music Lessons are a Good Alternative to Live Learning

The guitar and ukulele for example can have some very subtle tones that are easier to hear live and in person

On-Line Music Lessons are a Good Alternative to Live Learning

It’s January 2021 and in Brampton Ontario we’re still in a pandemic. The province has asked us to all stay at home and only go out for essentials.  It’s a challenging time and now more than ever children need consistency.  Their world has come to a halt but thankfully their music lessons don’t have to. Thanks to modern technology kids can still take their music lessons on-line. They can still practice on their pianos, guitars, and ukuleles.  They can fiddle with their violins and pound out a beat on their drum sets!

The public schools have all gone on-line as have many other activities like organized sports and dance classes.  So why not the music academy?  The answer of course is “we can” and we have!

The great thing about taking lessons with Burlington In-Home Music is that they are all private one-on-one.  Children can use the same comfortable space they usually use in their piano or guitar lessons.  The music teacher just happens to be on the screen in front of them instead of sitting at the piano beside them.

The lessons themselves are a bit different.  The technology has some limitations.  It can be a challenge for the student and teacher to play at the same time.  Often the student will play while teacher listens and then offers live feedback.  The teacher will then play the music for the student to demonstrate how it should be played.

One other small issue can be the sound quality.  It’s not quite the same as hearing the instruments live.  The guitar and ukulele for example can have some very subtle tones that are easier to hear live and in person.  With this said the Zoom platform has come a long way.  They have developed very good sound setting options that make learning music easier on-line.

We all know that live, in-person music lessons are ideal but if you have to stay home, it’s nice to know that the music doesn’t have to stop.  Music will help get us through this this, on-line for now until we can all jam in person together again.

Burlington In-Home Music will continue to make on-line lessons available after the pandemic is over for families that may not be able to attend their regular lesson.  On holidays or out of town?  No problem take your guitar lesson online that week!  Mom and dad can’t get home from work on time?  No problem. Take your piano lesson on-line that week!

Burlington In-Home Music offers piano lessons and guitar lessons, as well as voice, violin, drums, and ukulele.  All of our amazing music programs are taught in the comfort of your own home.

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