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You Can make Your In-Home Music Lessons Even Better

Taking in-home music lessons might be perfect for your family.  They are convenient because you don’t have to leave your house.  In-home music lessons are comfortable because the lessons take place in a familiar and comfortable environment.  You will save time and money by not driving to the music school every week.  There are several benefits to having the teacher come to your house. 

Even though there are a some great benefits to learning from home there are a few potential issues as well.  Don’t worry, they are easily solved if you prepare for the classes in advance.  Here are a few things that you can do make the experience even better for you, your children, and your teacher.  These helpful hints are not instrument specific so they apply to piano lessons, guitar lessons, or any other musical instrument you are learning.  Including voice/singing, violin, drums, or ukulele lessons.

  1. Provide a learning space that is free of distractions. This is essential to help the student stay focused on their music. Try to keep pets, siblings, TV, and video games away from the music learning space.
  2. Be ready to start your lesson on time. Your teacher will likely be coming from another student’s home and be going to one directly after your lesson.  If you are ready to go when they arrive you be able have you full 30 minute or one hour lesson.
  3. Keep your learning space clean and bright.
  4. Have your sheet music on the music stand before the lesson begins. Again, this is about getting the most out your time.
  5. Keep the room at a comfortable temperature. If it is too warm you may get sleepy and lose focus.  Having it too cold is just uncomfortable. Aim for room temperature if possible (72 degrees).

Here at Burlington In-Home Music we are focused on providing an amazing music lesson experience whether you take piano lessons, guitar lessons, violin, drums or ukulele with us.  With a little bit of prep, you can help enhance the music lessons and make them a great experience for you, your children, and your teacher.


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