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Why Take Music Lessons in the Summer?

Did you even know that you could take music lessons in the summer? Many people aren’t aware that taking lessons in the summer is an option for their family. Why is this? Well, most music schools close in July and August for summer holidays. Like many other children’s activities, they follow the public school board calendar and reopen their doors after Labor Day.

While this seems to make sense for dance schools and perhaps martial arts programs it makes less sense for music programs. Music lessons tend to be done in a private setting where the other programs are in group classes. It can be a challenge to keep a steady curriculum going in a group class because students are often away for a few weeks in the summer. With private piano or guitar lessons each induvial student moves at their own pace. When they take a couple of weeks off for holidays they can pick up where they left off and not have to catch up with the rest of the class.

Other things to consider are your progress, and the nature of the activity. It is music after all. In all my years as a musician I have never stopped being a musician in the summer, or any other time of the year for that matter. Also, not playing music for extended periods of time can affect your skill level. Students that continue throughout the year simply become better musicians in a shorter amount of time.

Brampton School of Music is a 12-month music school and offers piano lessons, guitar lessons, voice, violin, drums, and ukulele lessons all year long.

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