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This is why the Musical Ladder students have performance challenges every three months.  Another really cool thing is that it's not instrument specific. 

One of the most challenging parts of a music teacher’s job is keeping their students motivated.  Learning music is a long journey that can often last for years.  Jamming on the guitar with other people or performing the piano at recitals are thrilling experiences but getting their takes work.  You really do have to practice that piano or guitar on a regular basis and stay in your music lessons to develop the skills needed to participate in those events.

Music Lessons Rewards

This is where the Musical Ladder comes in!  The Musical Ladder System is a music lesson rewards program that is designed to help motivated students from the very beginning and throughout their music lesson career.  The goal is to give students consistent opportunities to set and achieve personal goals in their lessons.  Every three months the students takes a performance challenge with their teacher.  When they pass they receive really cool colored wristband bracelets, an achievement certificate, and at certain levels a trophy.

Setting goals in your music lessons

Countless studies have shown that people who set goals achieve more that non-goal setters.  The simple act of setting a music goal helps to increase your desire to achieve it.  Setting consistent short term goals are even better to keep you motivated.  This is why the Musical Ladder students have performance challenges every three months.  Another really cool thing is that it’s not instrument specific.  Music students who learn piano, guitar, ukulele, violin, or even drums will benefit for the Ladder.

If you want to get the most out of your music lessons in Brampton Ontario choose a music school that offers the Musical Ladder System.  Brampton School of  Music is the only music school in the area that offers the Musical Ladder System among many more benefits that other lesson providers cannot.

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