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What is the Musical Ladder System?

If you take music lessons here at Brampton School of Music you are likely on the Musical Ladder and already working on your next level. If you are not a student yet you might be wondering what the Musical Ladder System is. Here it is in a nutshell:

The Musical Ladder System is a music lesson rewards program that was originally created in South Carolina by music school owner Mr. Fort. Mr. Fort’s intent was to help students get the most out their lessons by helping them set and achieve goals at regular intervals. The Musical Ladder System achieved this, and so much more! The system is specific to music students with fun level names like apprentice and Songbird.

Brampton School of Music Director James Franczek brought the program to Canada in 2015. “I leaned about the Ladder and thought that it would be great program to offer at the Academy,” said Mr. Franczek. Since the Canadian launch, the program has inspired thousands of children, teens, and adults to set regular goals in their music lessons, helping them get more out of their time with us and keeping them engaged.

The Ladder is for all music students. The program is designed for all instruments and is just as powerful for piano lessons as it is for guitar lessons.

Kind of like karate belt tests, every 90 days or so our students have a Musical Ladder Challenge with their teacher. When they pass, they receive really cool coloured wristbands and a certificate of achievement for their level. At certain levels they also get customized trophies. We have found that students get very excited when they have a musical challenge coming up and practice more to prepare for it. This makes their parents proud, their teachers happy, and the students exited about their lessons, everybody wins!

The Music Ladder challenges are a great way to encourage students to practice and work on music theory, technique and much more!

Brampton School of Music is the only music school in Brampton that offers the Musical Ladder System. Contact us today to get your child climbing the Music Ladder!


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